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Church Books updated in April 2021 and Census Records updated in Jun 2016: Church Books, 1592-1935; Census 1869
Foundation for East European Family History Studies
Type name of village, press search button - Will be displayed: village name, district name, region name; and location on map will be shown. Then continue to zoom in to see the houses with house numbers. Select Change map, be sure to check out From 19th century (2nd Military Survey 1836-1852) and With photos.
Select a village name from "Villages in Slovakia". For every town in Slovakia, it gives 1) a list of names that the town has been known by over the centuries, 2) a list of surnames from the town c. 2005, 3) a list of towns in the immediate area, 4) a list of churches in that town and their denomination, plus a list of churches of other denominations in the vicinity (so you know where to look for church records), 5) a list of names from the 1715 census for that town plus scans of those pages from the 1715 census, and, sometimes, 6) photos of the town. You can type a surname in the search box at the top of the page and it will bring up all of the pages for villages where that surname is listed.
Slovak Museum, 3702 East Layton Avenue, Cudahy, WI