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The Society does research for a fee for individuals (refer to Research Requests for details regarding specific information and international requester details). A list of persons for hire will be mailed upon request. When writing for information, include a self addressed stamped envelope and an email address.

The Milwaukee County Genealogical Society, Inc., is interested in helping you research and preserve the history of your family in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Our volunteer researchers will search the following sources for a fee of $5.00 per name, per source. For example, if you would like all of the sources searched for one individual, the cost would be US $5.00 x 10 sources = US $50.00.

A bill will be sent seperately by the researcher for reimbursement of the actual costs of such items as photocopies, mileage, parking, etc. This amount is usually in the $5 to $15 range.

Specific names, places and dates are required for this process; please be as concise and informative as possible. If you have done some research and hit a brick wall - duplicated names from different time periods, etc. please share that information. The sources listed are for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin only.

Please print the form linked below and fill out one page for each name you would like researched. Mail the form along with your payment.

*Note* Currently the research load of our volunteer is fairly high and depending on the sources requested, there may be a wait for your search to be completed and returned to you. If you would like an acknowledgement of our receipt of your research request, please enclose your email address and request an acknowledgement. If you do not have an email address, you can enclose a self addressed stamped postcard, and it will happily be mailed back to you, letting you know that we have gotten your request.

Melissa Mularski has volunteered to fill the MCGS Researcher position, vacated by the retiring Robert J. Felber, the Milwaukee County Genealogical Society's Researcher for many years. His expertise researching will be greatly missed.
Assistance is always welcome, from additional volunteer researcher(s) who would like to try their hand at doing research for people who do not live in the Milwaukee area and to respond to Research Requests received by the Society through the mail. For a donation, MCGS offers to search one or more of 11 record groups. Most research can be accomplished at the Milwaukee Public Library (Central) and/or the Milwaukee County Court House. All donations received are placed in our Special Projects Fund which is used to purchase genealogical materials for the Milwaukee Public Library where they can be used by all interested persons.
Job Description                     
Researcher - Prepared by Robert J. Felber - March 2012
Duties not indicated in MCGS Constitution
Respond to requests received by the society for research within Milwaukee County.  Notify requester that the request has been received.  Research may consist of the following items: Milwaukee City Directories, Index to Milwaukee Sentinel 1837-1890, U.S. Census, Naturalization Records, Vital Records before 1931, Probate Records, Obituaries, Gravestone Inscriptions and other records located at the Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee County Historical Society, Milwaukee County Courthouse, and UWM Library.
Some of the sources used are on the internet such as, Ancestry, Wisconsin Historical Society, Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries, Wood National Cemetery, Social Security Death Index, Milwaukee Public Library, MCGS web site, etc. In addition research in various history books of Milwaukee.
Analyze the findings and data found in the census etc. and make suggestions for additional research.  Also suggest other research societies for research located outside of Milwaukee County which may be of benefit to the requester.
Retain copies of research items sent for at least a one year period.
Attend Board Meetings and give a detailed report.  Number of requests, items requested, items found and sent, number of hours, etc. for the last month.
Assist in the MCGS Workshop.  


Download Research Application Form