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October 23
Our Ancestors Were German
German Genealogist and author Astrid Adler will talk about the emigration of Germans to America from 1840 to 1900. She will discuss the causes as well as give insight into the practical realities faced by these newcomers to the U.S. ...

October 26
October Board Meeting
All those interested are invited to attend. Please contact Lisa Christopherson, MCGS President, if you will be there.

October 27
Class - Getting Started: Organization & Software
Learn the best way to get started on your family history (or what to do if you've already started). We'll also spend some time discussing the various software programs available for managing your growing collection of data.

October 27
October Membership Meeting -- Photo Restoration and Present Day Preservation
Gerry Bakic, Photo Restoration, Mike Crivello Photography A 2017 Family Search Blog reminds us that photos are among a family’s most treasured possessions—whether faded black-and-white photos of faces staring solemnly at the camera, or brightly-colored images of grandchildren and vacations. ...

November 3
Italian Area Research Group
For more information: